Saturday, November 22, 2014

Why Be Normal When You Can Be Damaged?

Normal is safe.
Normal is comforting.
Normal is predictable.
And normal is very, very, very boring.

How many of you would want to spend time at a party talking to an actuary?
(Unless of course you are an actuary, in which case, go right ahead. That keeps both of you away from the rest of us.)

Be damaged.
Be interesting.
Be the nutter on the bus.
Make mistakes.
Wear a funny hat.
Flount your flaws.
(And if you are a high-rise building, flount your floors.)

Take a few risks in your life.
Not crazy, unnecessary ones.
Always wash your fruit before sex, and wear condoms before eating. Nobody needs THOSE type of risks.
But live a little.

Which brings me on to today's good news.

One of my favourite damaged writers - well, he writes about damaged characters, but you know that old saying about smoke and fire... - is having a superfasticallydelicious BARGAIN MOMENT!

B.R. Snow's complete 'Damaged Po$$e' series, comprising four full-length novels, is on sale soon for less than four bucks. If you haven't read any of the redoubtable Mr. Snow's work, your entire life to date has been wasted. But there is still time to put that right. Winter is coming, but Snow is HERE 

Now take out those eccentric shoes from the back of the wardrobe, drape something inappropriate around your neck, cry Havoc, and let those puppies swing. Demand the unusual. Venerate the odd.

Have a great day. And have it TODAY. You never know, it might be your last.

PS Go buy all my books too, while you're about it *scary cackle* Now, where did I put my meds?


  1. Please post on all your correspondence: THIS WRITER'S MIND COULD BE DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH! What the hell's a condom??? :-)
    At least, we have BR Snow's "Damaged Po$$e" Series - Me like!!!

  2. Me like too, BR. Mucho much. Btw, I believe the term "condom" is a shortened form of "condominium". So my daughter tells me anyway.

  3. Dear John
    Determined not to waste my life any longer I followed the breadcrumb trail, typed ‘B. R. Snow’ into the Amazon fr search box and came up with.... ‘The Snow Queen’; ‘Naked Awareness: Practical Instructions on the union of Mahamudra and Dzogchen’; ‘Kitty Planet: cute kitties and cats book’ plus other fascinating titles. But also your man! Not on special offer over here, but bought ‘American Midnight’ just to see. Now hooked, ready for more, and would like to adopt Murray. And the word ‘part-timer’ has acquired a whole new dimension. Thanks for another great tip and may chaos continue to come again and again!

    1. You are most welcome, Laurette. I'm glad Mr. Snow has acquired another fan. Good to hear from you too, m'dear :)

    2. Btw, 'Kitty Planet' sounds interesting too :D

  4. First of all, thanks for all your ongoing friendship and support, John. I continue to be humbled by the generosity a man of your talents continue to show me and my work. And thanks Laurette and Billy Ray. I'm so glad you're enjoying the Po$$e series. I have a new standalone launching January 1st called Either Ore that I think you'll enjoy. Wishing everyone the best for a wonderful holiday season!