Monday, October 6, 2014

Tight Trousers and Asteriods (Not Hemorrhoids)

OK, let me confess. I'm a fan of Liv Tyler.

As if that weren't shameful enough, I like Aerosmith too - a group of not-so-gracefully-ageing rockers who feature Liv's dad on vocals.

These are the only two reasons I watched 'Armageddon', a ludicrous Bruce Willis/Ben Affleck action movie about an asteriod on collision course with Earth. Liv was in it and Aerosmith provided the theme song.

It works for me. Does it work for you?

If so, feel free to sing along. If nothing else, it will embarrass your kids. And that's never a bad thing.

Click below and feel the love. Or something, anyway.


  1. What, BR? Philosophy? At this time of day? :)

  2. Aerosmith you say? Anything they do is good for me. Armageddon? Even Liv Tyler couldn't make that good for me... Sorry for that.

  3. If you close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears every time Bruce Willis or Ben Affleck appears, it's tolerable, Jim ;)