Tuesday, September 30, 2014

No Free Lunches, But Free Murders

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but just occasionally there is a free murder.

And here it is.

After a sudden rush of blood to the brain - an unusual happening, since my blood usually heads in a southerly direction when I get excited - I decided to offer A POISON TREE free on Amazon Kindle from 30 September to 4 October. This is called the Drug Dealer Strategy. You know the game. I get you hooked on this one and you rush out and buy all the other books in the 'Time, Blood and Karma' series.

At least that's the theory.

Here's the blurb to bait the hook.

“You kill my wife and I’ll kill yours.” You must admit, as a proposition, it has an alluring symmetry to it. 

It is 1999, and as the Millennium approaches, old certainties wither. For family man, David Braddock, his hitherto predictable world is undergoing a slow collapse. The people closest to him seem suddenly different. As desires and aspirations tangle around each other like parasite stems, betrayal is in the air. 
And so is murder. 

If you're tempted, just click on the appropriate link below and one click later it's yours free, gratis, and for nothing.

Sounds too good to be true? Yeah, it probably is.

Want a cigarette, by the way? Anything else I can do for you?

Amazon US click HERE

Amazon UK click HERE

It's also available free on all Amazon's other worldwide sites in case you happen to live somewhere exotic. Lucky you.


  1. The best 'free murder' anyone will read this year! A poignant read! The narrative is poetic in its brilliance!

  2. Few things in life are as satisfying as a good, juicy murder. In A Poison Tree you have all that and more. Best murder I've read in ages!

  3. Looks like my first attempt at a comment is being digested by the internet so I'll try again:

    The Drug Dealer Strategy has worked very well indeed! I'm still not convinced the vicar and the lady in black boots on the train were entirely innocent, so I guess I'll just have to read everything you publish - past, present, and future - to be completely sure. Ah, the sacrifices one must make... (c:

    While I'm here, a question: was there any significance to (what I think was) the discrepancy in suicide descriptions? (Don't want to ask more specifically lest I give spoilers!) I swear, the plot was so layered and exhilarating I think I'm going to be mentally re-examining it in every spare moment for at least a month! Marvelous book. Thank you for writing it.

  4. Hi, Elayne. Thank you for your kind comments - and especially for not indulging in spoilers! Sounds like you've 'got' the karma thing: characters do indeed keep turning up in various places throughout the series. As for the discrepancy... well, if you want to be specific, send me an email to johndaviddolan@googlemail.com and I'll do my incompetent best to clarify whatever it was caught your eye. Thanks again for taking the time and trouble to comment. Best, John

  5. Eloquent, convincingly raw and real characters with clever storytelling. I'm an avid reader of the genre and this didn't indulge in stereotypical sensationalism, making it much more in the moment and believable. Thank you for the free murder, it was delicious!