Friday, May 16, 2014

Indie Book Release Fest: Electa Graham

Boy, it's a busy week for Indie book releases!

First, Christoph Fischer's wonderful Time to Let Go, and now Electa Graham's third instalment in her Cassandra Myles Witch Series. Plus keep reading for news of a FREEBIE. We all love freebies, don't we?

Hey, it's worth buying just for the cover!
(Although I am reliably informed that the
author is MUCH better looking than this)

Blood and Reign – Cassandra Myles Witch Series Book Three

Release – 16th May

Cassandra Myles has killed the Queen of the Dark Fae. Now she is their queen and she must bring peace to and unite the Light and the Dark Fae a job she feels grossly unqualified for. To make matters worse, someone is trying to kill her. Not many fae want a human queen, and fewer still are interested in peace, the list of suspects is long and the people she can trust are few. If that isn’t enough for a human witch to deal with, the man she loves has professed his love for her. This would be great if she didn’t feel it couldn’t possibly work, and would only cause grief and heart ache to them both. She has to find a way to convince him to move on, not to mention find her own tenuous resolve to do so. 

Can Cassandra do the impossible and unite the warring fae before they erase themselves from existence? Will she be able to send the man she loves away? Never underestimate a witch with her back against the wall. 

Click HERE to go to Amazon and buy a copy immediately! (And no, I'm not getting any commission for this, in case you were wondering. My reward will be in Heaven. At least, I hope so.)

And now for the freebie!

To celebrate the launch of book three in her epic series, the author is giving away FREE, GRATIS AND FOR NOTHING copies of the first book in the series from 16-18 May.

Yes, you heard me right, Blood and Loss can be yours for just a couple of clicks. No catches, no phuquerie, and no salesman will call. Simply click HERE

There, now wasn't that easy?

You can find Electa on Twitter @ElectaGraham

... And on her website

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