Saturday, July 27, 2013

Heads Up! ... Coming Soon!

The second book in the Time, Blood and Karma series will be hitting the internet bookshelves at the end of August. But for now here's a taster ...

"The spirits of the dead are all around us but it is we, the living, that are the true hungry ghosts."

It is the spring of 2005 and the macabre 'burning murders' have ended. Life has apparently returned to normal on the Thai island of Samui.

For private investigator David Braddock 'normal' means finding a missing drug smuggler, sleeping with the Police Chief's wife and ensuring his office manager's latest moneymaking scheme doesn't bankrupt him.

For Police Chief Charoenkul it means resuming his seemingly-endless wait for that elusive promotion to Bangkok.

However, the peace is destined to be short-lived. Unbeknown to both men karmic storm clouds are gathering and murderous forces are about to be unleashed which could destroy them both ...

Hungry Ghosts is the second volume in the Time, Blood and Karma series. It marks the welcome return of David Braddock, the charismatic anti-hero from Everyone Burns.


  1. So looking forward to this book, John :)

  2. I just know I'll be doing a lot of tweeting and blogging about ANGRY GHOSTS - TIME, BLOOD AND KARMA. Can't wait to read it, JD. Book 1 in the trilogy, EVERYONE BURNS, was simply spectacular...

  3. Thank you, BR, for all your support :-)

  4. Deffo can't wait to get my grubby mitts on a copy of this!

    The first one was absolutely amazing!

    1. Thanks, Mat. Not long to wait now! :-)