Monday, May 27, 2013

JD's Review of 'Blood Tithe' by Glenn J. Soucy

Move over Wolverine and Spiderman, there's a new superhero on the block!

When 5 year-old Jeremy Davis falls into a tunnel in an abandoned experimental facility his life is changed forever. Recovering from the chemical damage to his body he discovers he has acquired superhuman abilities. But his new powers come with a price and soon he and his family find themselves pursued by dangerous adversaries ...

Glenn Soucy has created a new superhero very much in the Marvel Comics tradition - that of the tortured vigilante. One can easily see 'Blood Tithe' being adapted as a graphic novel, and it would probably translate well to the big screen.

Soucy writes for an audience who will enjoy an epic good vs evil struggle and fans of the X-Men franchise will find much here that is familiar. He plays a little naughty with the reader by leaving a lot unresolved at the end of the book to make sure his audience will come back for more. If this genre is your thing, then I would recommend you give the 'Blood Tithe' series a serious look.


  1. JD,

    Always enjoy your reviews - this one by Glenn Soucy will no doubt find an audience. It's a very popular genre, and he's a very good writer. For me, the old fellow, I'm more into the Mystery/Romance genres. I'm wishing Glenn all the best and will be tweeting his new book.

    Always my best,

    Billy Ray

  2. I'm sure Glenn will appreciate that, BR.