Tuesday, February 5, 2013

JD's Reviews of 'Horizon' and 'Under by Duress' by Kayla Stonor

Erotica. Spanking. Master and slave sex games.

What do they conjure up in your mind? Badly written masturbation fodder, perhaps?

Think again. See my reviews below of two books by Kayla Stonor, author of ‘The Surrender Series’.

‘Horizon’ by Kayla Stonor

I was genuinely surprised by this short story by Kayla Stonor.

Instead of the liturgy of leather, chiseled chests, heaving bosoms and seismic orgasms I had been expecting, I was instead presented with an artful psychological portrait of a marriage where one of the partners has a hankering to experiment with sexual domination.  Brilliantly executed!

This is a short introduction to Ms Stonor’s writing – of which on this showing I shall be reading more.

‘Under by Duress’ by Kayla Stonor

Having read the author’s short story ‘Horizon’, I was interested to see how Ms Stonor would perform at a novella. I was not disappointed.

Although some readers may be squeamish at a piece whose central theme is the sexual submission of an alpha male, I should like to venture that the central kernel of the story – how a damaged woman turns the tables on a strong man – would survive without the erotic content. The psychological motivations of the novella’s characters are carefully handled to bring credibility to the storyline. Ms Stonor’s writing is tight and polished and authentically ‘American’ (it is set in the USA), despite the author being British.

If you have not previously sampled erotic literature and feel you would like to, ‘Under by Duress’ would be a good place to start.

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You can learn more about Kayla Stonor's books from her Amazon Author Page or see her Website or connect with her on Twitter @kaylastonor

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