Tuesday, January 22, 2013

JD's Review of 'Vengeance Wears Black' by Seumas Gallacher

If you like your thrillers peppered with gunfire and explosions, and with a lot of bad guys getting blown away, ‘Vengeance Wears Black’ is for you.

The action ranges across Europe as private security firm ISP – composed of ex-SAS officers and other soldiers of fortune – wages war on Chinese and Albanian drug and prostitution rings. The bangs and screams can be heard from London to Istanbul and a whole host of other places in between.
Seumas Gallacher knows how to spin a good yarn, and he takes us through ISP’s battle plans and hit-and-run skirmishes as the violent chess-game rages across the continent, with the advantage shifting back and forth between the various protagonists.
Bent lawyers, sadistic Eastern European hoodlums, inscrutable Chinese Triads (including a one-eyed Asian version of Norman Bates’ mother), hookers, drug dealers, and one Hong Kong hottie – all keep the story tearing along. Gallacher’s descriptions of army-style planning and weaponry and of places and characters are sufficiently drawn to help you understand what is happening, while not so detailed as to slow down the action – of which there is a lot!
Hollywood take note: it would make a great ‘shoot-em-up’ movie.
Cry havoc and bring on the next one! 

Note that from 24-28 January 2013 'Vengeance Wears Black' will be available as a FREE download from Amazon US  http://amzn.to/W59BB3 UK http://amzn.to/13yV1YX 

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