Monday, January 28, 2013

JD's Review of 'Divorce Hotel' by B.R. Snow

John Germaine, the owner of the ‘Divorce Hotel’ has a problem: his ex-wife Margaret is bleeding him dry …

Peopled with wonderfully oddball individuals, B.R. Snow’s gently humorous novel weaves a delicious spell over its reader. Snow artfully marshals different narrative threads around witty dialogue to create characters and situations you genuinely care about. I was hooked with the charm of the writing after the first few pages, and worked my way through the book in two sessions. It is stuffed full of comic invention and absolutely unputdownable!

Moreover, ‘Divorce Hotel’ bubbles with an inherent optimism about humanity. The ultimate resolution of the characters’ various issues leaves you with a warm afterglow – and with the thought that perhaps this world is not such a bad old place after all.

Read it. You will almost certainly be the happier for it.

You can learn more about B.R. Snow on  his website or connect with him on Twitter @BernSnow

'Divorce Hotel' is available for purchase as a paperback or as an ebook for Kindle from all the worldwide Amazon sites


  1. Keep the great reads coming John this is a must for me to begin today! It's been a while since a good book comes along & makes you feel all warm & fuzzy for multiple characters.

    1. You are welcome m'dear. I'm sure you will enjoy it. Hard not to :-)

  2. John,

    Thank you so much for your great review of Divorce Hotel. Coming from a man of your talents, it means even more.

    Be well, my friend.