Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Liebster Award Part II: The Empire Strikes Back

My very good friend and former room-mate at the asylum, Seumas Gallacher has finally come up with a sensible idea after several decades of trying.

It's a kind of Bloggers-Supporting-Bloggers sort of thing. Like Live Aid but without music or bands or a stage or any kind of charitable intent whatsoever.

He calls this dubious child of his reptilian brain "Blog Scratching" (Copyright Seumas Gallacher 2012), and it comprises a complex system of listing favourite bloggers on your blog posts to try and whip up interest in this moribund craft the way one might apply a leather strap to an equine creature in its last throes of life.

That's it really.

So here's five of my faves to get this futile concept started (and probably finished):-

Seumas Gallacher (Self-appointed President of the Blog-Scratchers Union). Kilted Scottish Manic's comedic rants and senile burblings on any subject you care to name, excluding the Battle of Culloden [Scotland 0-5 England]. Warning: this blog contains ludicrous underhand marketing of his best-selling thrillers http://seumasgallacher.com/author/seumasgallacher/

Pamela Sutherland. Brave and touching real-life diary of what it is like to live with MS. http://living-in-a-limited-world.blog.co.uk/

Soraya Bakhbakhi. Enfant terrible, provocateur, poet and abuser of red lipstick, Soraya's posts are not for the faint-hearted: she says it like it is! http://hellisafourletterword.wordpress.com/

Meredith Lorimar. Sometime phantasmagoric exploration of the human imagination; and a homage in prose to the creative process. http://the-educated-imaginary.blogspot.ca/

Alexandria Constantinova Szeman. The grande dame (at least to me) of writing and poetry produces wonderful articles - "The Alexandria Papers" - on life, art and the writer's craft. And she is lovely too! http://www.alexandriaconstantinovaszeman.com/Blog.php


  1. Seumas is hilarious, love his humour in writing.

    1. Seumas will be very happy to hear this. Moreover, if you sign up for his blog, you will instantly double his circulation :-)

  2. Ohh...and thanks for the new blogs suggestions, will check them out!

  3. They're all great for different reasons: I've tried to give a range of varying styles and subjects. Hope you enjoy!