Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Some Life Epigrams

There must be something to reincarnation. I can’t have got this depraved in a single lifetime.

Most people are so concerned about life after death that they don’t notice they have no life before death.

I have a picture in the attic like Dorian Gray. The only difference is my portrait gets younger while I get older.

One of the hallmarks of a wasted life is excessive virginity.

Sadness is happiness without the good bits.

If I live to be a hundred will I know it?

I think I will still want women when I’m eighty, but I’ll have forgotten why.

Death is Nature’s way of saying, “I’ve had enough of you.”

One of the consolations of being older is that people mistake you for a grown-up.


  1. Excessive virginity? Is that what happens when you get old? Answer - yes.

  2. Thanks for the smile, John. These are great,