Sunday, October 14, 2012

JD's Review of 'Perfection Unleashed' (The Double Helix Series) by Jade Kerrion

Frankenstein Meets Richard Dawkins, With Guns

Jade Kerrion’s dystopian Science Fiction series ‘Double Helix’ gets off to a cracking start with ‘Perfection Unleashed’. The book fizzes with ideas and reads like the draft of a movie script (which I guess is what Kerrion is aiming for).

Set in the not-too-distant future – and quite when is not made clear – the author portrays an Earth where both natural and man-made mutations compete for supremacy with humans. Humans don’t necessarily come out of this terribly well, and realizing they are about to lose their perch at the top of the food chain, some of them organize the Purest Humanity cult whose first goal is to destroy the artificially-created ‘perfect being’, known as Galahad.

Without getting into spoiler territory here, there are interconnections of family and friendship which straddle the human-mutant-clone-invitrio fault lines of hatred and prejudice.

Kerrion has crammed a whole host of assorted characters into her novel, creating multiple story-lines and setting up the appropriate hooks for future books in the series. The practical effect of this is that the characters are of necessity somewhat sketchily drawn, with a couple hovering on the edge of caricature, defined solely by a single emotion or intention. But putting this aside – along with a couple of slightly dodgy bits of motivating psychology – this is a compelling broth of action and science, lightly flavoured with some cross-species love interests.

‘Perfection Unleashed’ is a pacey read, with chase scenes, battles, Mexican stand-offs, and a fair amount of death, destruction and chaos along the way. Kerrion doesn’t waste much time on descriptive passages, and in the midst of the rapidly-unfolding plot(s), some of the dialogue sections felt a bit forced and overly-reflective to this reader.

I suspect, however, the author is only just getting into her stride.

I’ll be interested to see where Ms Kerrion takes things in her next books, two of which are scheduled for release in December 2012.

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